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Solartron Metrology taking part in Ametek Virtual Trade Show.
While the value of face-to-face interactions will never go away, this year AMETEK is embracing the opportunity to inform and connect with engaging informative virtual experience. This is making a great opportunity to feature new products, cross selling and to build relationships with customers in new online format. Ametek team has been devoting ultimate time and attention to creating an exciting event that is convenient for everyone to attend, that is user-friendly, interactive, and informative experience. 

A new solution for the Civil Engineering sector to increase the long service of the pencil probes. Marine grade stainless steel probes are the right choice for harsh natural environments, due to their greater resistance to pitting corrosion. Non standard material probes are ideally suited to coastal areas, for bridges and highly exposed buildings that are affected by salty wind and sea power. These probes were complemented with a moisture-proof heat-shrinkable tubing to protect the cable exit and marine grade stainless steel ball tip holders.

Solartron Metrology is focused on improving our products to meet special customer requirements. We revealed an increase in demand on the control quality monitoring during the machining process in oily and wet environments. Solartron Metrology now offers the extra step of sealing the pencil probes at all points of ingress, for a full IP68 rating. All probes are 100% tested with up to 1 bar internal air pressure when fully submersed into the water, before this product is shipped to the customer. 

Orbit GCS is an advanced gauging tool supplied as a downloadable software pack from the Solartron website. In conjunction with the Orbit® Measurement Network, it can be used to monitor inline and post process manufacturing dimensions and record measurement data.  It now includes Diagram and Charting capabilities in which pictures or graphics can be imported and displayed on the screen.